Spontaneous Travel in Life and Switzerland

Spontaneous Travel

Spontaneous Travel: Avoid the Planning

Have you ever taken a trip that was the exact opposite of spontaneous travel, where you planned every little thing? Hotels, restaurants, toilets, and even, God forbid, gone on a tour? Now, tell me this. How much time did you spend on your trip feeling anxiety over the schedule and what you were supposed to do next? Maybe you worried so much about the next activity or location that you didn’t even take time to be present and enjoy where you were actually doing!

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Geneva, Switzerland: Romantic Strolling


Expensive Ducks in Geneva

As we drove through the tunnels, I serenaded my boyfriend with one of those really sad Adele songs; he loved it, I swear. We were on our way to Geneva after having stayed the night in Mulhouse, France. Do I sound like a travel snob? I was really looking forward to going back to Switzerland, after stopping in Lucerne and Basel on our way to Tuscany last year. There’s your travel snobbery. Once we got to the other side of the mountains the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds, and chose to bestow upon us the powers of Vitamin D (in Netherlands we don’t get a lot of this.)

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