Quito, Ecuador: A Lonely Heart Goes Clubbing

Bella Vista

It was June 2009, and I was only a couple weeks into living in Quito, Ecuador when I decided I’d had enough. We lived in an area called “Bella Vista” which means “beautiful view” in Spanish. All that meant to me was that I had to walk up a hill the size of a mountain.

I spent my time doing a typing class online so I would have all my credits, and I could graduate high school early. When I saw the pictures of my classmates at prom and graduation, I felt completely removed from it all. I was lonely, isolated, and in a literal foreign environment.

The first time I went to the grocery store to stock up on junk food and eat away my feelings, I realized that Ecuador didn’t have the same food items as the U.S. The only thing I could find was Trix cereal and it was 8$. After walking up the steep, cobblestone hill to our house, I sat in the living room and started Googling things to do to get out a bit. I’ve always been the type to take action when I’m upset, not enjoying the feeling of standing still. I found a group on Facebook called “I Love Quito.” I certainly didn’t love Quito, but I figured there would be people my age who had liked this group and I could send them messages in order to make some friends.

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I Grew Up in a Small Town

i grew up in a small town

Growing Up in a Small Town

I like to see if anything has changed, if I have changed. I have this daydream about going back there and seeing everyone I went to high school with. These were people who made me feel uncomfortable on a daily basis, always calling me “the quiet girl.” I walk into our 10 year reunion and everyone gasps; they are shocked at how good looking, smart, and worldly I’ve become. As we stand around the punch bowl and stale cookies I talk like I’m Indiana Jane, and amaze the crowd that has now formed, with stories of my foreign adventures. While growing up in a small town, it’s the big fantasy.

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