About Me

the hungry wandress

When I was 17 my parents retired and decided we would move to Ecuador where I lived for five years. During that time I traveled in South America and Europe while I endured a very difficult relationship. Ultimately, I ended that relationship and began traveling all around Europe before meeting my soon to be husband and settling with him in Netherlands.  What you will read on my website are all of my stories about taking a different path than most.

I’ve lead a very unique lifestyle that has taken me trekking through the Amazon (and teaching English in Ecuador) to dancing many nights away at clubs in Ukraine. 

On my site you can read personal essays that start when I was in high school, and take you through all of my travels. These are stories about all of my adventures and the many friendships, relationships, heart aches, and lessons I have acquired along the way. 

You can contact me here.

Happy reading!